What We Do

Living and serving outside of your own culture adds a whole new dimension to living. When people arrive overseas they hope to begin working immediately in the ministry that God has called them to. Then the reality hits that the things we take for granted in our home countries are not always easy to come by. Electricity, water, communications & shelter are all things that can take a lot of work to set up appropriately in a way that will last.

Our vision for SAMSON is to provide hands-on services to people and local churches serving in southern Africa. By traveling as a family to different areas we desire to help those serving to have more time to serve and less time spent on the stresses of maintaining life.

The networking side of the ministry will also provide advice and contacts of others in the region that are available to help.  We have found over the years that many people aren’t necessarily aware of others working in their areas that might have gifts that differ from theirs and a partnership of sorts could help everyone.  By connecting people with each other and businesses in the region that can supply quality products we hope to help even when we are unavailable to go ourselves to do the work.

By helping to fix and maintain vehicles, construction, media recordings & general household maintenance we hope to see God’s kingdom expanded through out southern Africa.  We don’t ever want to hear of another person leaving the ministry because, “They just couldn’t keep up with the daily living stuff.”

We praise God for the opportunity to serve!