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During 30 years on the mission field I have seen over and again the value of a visit by a practical missionary individual. Every mission location needs the occasional repair or upgrade project that is beyond the ability of its staff team or local ‘experts’. It would be ideal to have a visit from someone like Jon Beutler and his SAMSON ministry, bringing with him not only his years of experience but also all the specialist tools to get the job done. He even comes with his own accommodation! 

Andrew Low, Operations Manager at Maziotela Ministries, World Outreach, Northern Mozambique.


This is a brilliant concept that addresses a chronic need in missions and humanitarian projects across this part of Africa. In my experience of them, the Beutler family are ideal candidates to provide a holistic support service with minimal overhead to those receiving the assistance. Their experience, character, abilities and desire to serve will be a great blessing wherever they go, and I believe they will be able to relieve folk working in difficult circumstances from much of the distracting burden of maintaining or establishing needed facilities.

Darryl Greig, Director of Curriculum, Ebenezer Training Centre, Nampula, Mozambique


I am really excited about the work of Jon and Marijane Beutler in Southern Africa. SAMSON will fulfill a real need and be a huge benefit to missionaries and the communities they serve. When my wife and I served as Bible translators in rural Mozambique I often wished for something like SAMSON that could help me with the many practical projects that frequently called me away from my work. The Beutlers have been a blessing to us personally in Nampula, Mozambique and I can’t wait to see their ministry expand across Africa.

David Ker, Director, Little Zebra Books


I have known Jon & Marijane for a number of years and I would like to encourage them in their vision to serve missionaries in rural Southern Africa. Often it is the practical areas that cause the greatest frustration in rural living, the power, water and general living challenges. I believe Jon, Marijane and their family will be a blessing to many, with their varied practical talents and self contained living- enabling them to live independently and at the same time serving the wider body of Christ.
We wish them all the best and pray for God’s richest blessing.

Colin & Jenny Ayling, Director at Maziotela Ministries, World Outreach, Northern Mozambique


One of the most time consuming things for someone involved in ministry in Southern Africa is dealing with the ‘mechanics’ of living. Most missionaries are not necessarily great builders, mechanics or IT specialists. Their skills are often in other areas. To have someone who can come and help resolve those issues, build houses or offices, fix cars, set up IT systems or use their audio/visual skills to release you to carry out the ministry you have been called to is immense.

Jon & Marijane have these skills which they used extensively in their time with SIL Mozambique and latterly SIL Southern Africa. This is the ministry they wish to develop further in this next season of their lives. We pray for God’s leading for them in this ministry.

The SIL Southern Africa Leadership Team