Ending a Great Chapter


Our last couple months have been full.  I have thought several times that I should post this on our site, but I have been lucky to even get anything on Facebook. We have officially moved out of the house we have lived in nearly 7 years and handed over the center that we have worked on for 13 years.  It has been an emotional rollercoaster, but we are anxious to see what God has next for us!

SAMSON, the ministry, stayed busy during our final days in Mozambique.Kern Car I was able to help a missionary friend who was returning from a year away get his vehicles running after sitting so long. One of the vehicles, a small truck, was pretty easy to get going as it just needed the batteries replaced and an oil change. The second vehicle (in photo) proved to be a bit more difficult. The battery in this one was also dead, but when I replaced it, the vehicle still didn’t want to turn over fast enough to start the engine. After a few visits to the car over a couple weeks, the owner arrived back and I went to work with him to get it going. Turns out the water pump had seized so it wouldn’t let the engine crank. The owner was able to remove the water pump, find a replacement in town, and replace it and a few belts and hoses by himself. No paid mechanic necessary. THAT is what SAMSON is all about: helping people be able to help themselves. Next time he will be more likely to dig a little deeper and each time he will learn more about his car.

We were also able to help another friend when the went on vacation and the people who were supposed to let their dogs out of the house and feed them couldn’t get into the house. We joked that we now can add breaking and entering to our list of services!

The winner for strangest phone call I received was from a friend who is in charge of operations on a farm outside of town. He called just after dinner and asked me if I had the phone number for the local fire department. I didn’t. He told me there was smoke in one of their large freezers, but it was so thick they couldn’t go inside to try to find the source. I ended up finding an old respirator and heading out to help, “just in case” the fire department didn’t have one. Good thing! The fire dept. didn’t have one and the one I took out was good enough to get the job done. There was some damage done to the freezer wall, but it could have been a huge disaster.

I can’t list all the little jobs we did over those last few weeks. Most of it is a blur. I know I charged at least one A/C in a car and answered a lot of calls. Marijane also continued to work on the networking side of the ministry and connecting people with others involved in similar ministries. All in all, we ended well as far as SAMSON is concerned. If only packing up our house and moving out had gone so smoothly!

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