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One of the main goals of SAMSON is to be able to help missionaries living in villages with a wide variety of services and having the big truck and trailer allows us to be able to carry the tools to do just that.  Our first village visit of 2018 was a great example of this and we wanted to share a bit of it with you.

Our primary goal for the trip was to dub The Jesus Film into the Lolo language.  We have been working with this team for years to try to make this happen, and there have been many scheduling conflicts that have kept it from happening so we were very excited that it finally worked out for us to go.

RecordingThe recording process went really well for the dubbing and all of the people that did the various “voices” did great and enjoyed seeing their characters on the screen speaking their language.

It is always interesting to see the variety of people that come to do the recordings. From 8 year children to elderly men and women, some excited and some quite scared.  The little kids are always fun too as they are very timid, but have huge smiles when they see the child on the screen speak with their voice.  The adults even seem to get more excited about the kids than their own parts.Church recording

The local church was involved as well and agreed to do the shouting for the crowd scenes.  The over-all process of the recording went really well and everyone seemed eager to be involved. We had more people show up than we needed in the end, but were able to use most of them for a line or two.  Even the community leader, who stopped in to greet us and see what we were doing, was able to have a part. The video is now uploaded and at the quality check phase.  After quality check, it will get finalized so we can download it and begin distribution.  This process will most likely take a few weeks.

Cutting book coversWhile in the village we were also able to help with some other projects.  The vision God has given us for SAMSON is to be able to help out with whatever projects come up while we are there.  Serving as a family has a unique advantage where we can serve the whole family.  Marijane was able to help with some sewing projects for the family’s new house and she also helped with some laminating and binding of some materials the team is using for training and taught an art class for all 7 kids. The kids are blessed to have others to play with and share their experiences.  While we were there their laminator died, which put a temporary stop to the production of the training materials they are producing for the local church. We managed to take it apart and find the issue. It is not often you can fix an electronics issue in the bush, but God blessed us with a solution and we were able to get it going again.  Their vehicle had also failed inspection a while before we arrived because the back brakes were not working. With some help from my “phone a friend” contacts, were able to get this sorted out as well.  In the end this trip was everything we want a trip to the village to be.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Mud   BrakesLaminator

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