Back in Africa!


We left Africa in April of last year after a lot of transition. The center we had been working on for the last 13 years was sold, we moved out of the house we had been living in for the last 7. We had resigned from Wycliffe and SIL in order to serve all of the organizations we work with better as SAMSON. It was a rough departure, but at the same time there was a peace that we knew God had a plan for us and this new ministry.

From April until the first week of December we were in the States sharing with as many people as possible the vision that is SAMSON. We really enjoyed each place we visited, the friends we were able to catch up with, and the new friends we met along the way. ┬áThe boys also enjoyed most of the trip even though it meant long hours in the car. I think we also put nearly 10,000 miles on Grandpa’s new motorhome, which of course added it’s own adventures and gave us a glimpse of what it will be like to live as a family in a smaller space.

We also had ministry opportunities come up along the way as well. Helping friends with car issues, driving a moving van diagonally across the US, and helping a neighbor get her house ready to put on the market were just a few.

Now that we are back in Africa, God has continued to confirm this calling and bless our socks off along the way. From a house-sitting possibility that gave us a free place to stay for nearly a month, to an excellent and secure place to park Samson for the last few weeks, He has shown us that He is the God of details, big and small. We have a friend that is a pastor in the area we have been staying and we have been been able to attend two services at his church during our time here. This past Sunday, he introduced us to a man on staff at the church that is going to be a blessing to this ministry for years to come. He grew up with a family that did trucking all over Africa and is a trucker himself. Not only that, but would you believe that he is currently working on his own design for a 4×4 motorhome? Yep. It has been incredibly encouraging to chat with him and get his input on all that we have been thinking about. He even drove across town to take a look at the truck and give us advice on things we might want to do and other things we needed to do. Just one more confirmation in growing list of “wows” God has pulled together for us.

The next few days we will prepare to head to Knysna, South Africa where we will get a bit of work done to make the truck ready for our family to live and travel in. We have been amazed at how God has worked out the details for this trip. We have found a place to stay relatively close by and at a rate that is extremely good for that area.

As always we are so thankful for all of you that have committed to join us on this journey. We are really looking forward to seeing how God uses us to bless the many ministries he is connecting us with here in Southern Africa.