Clutch Gunk


JDI LandyLast night and this morning we got to help out our former director & his wife. They are Bible translators in working on the Meetto translation. They had begun a trip to do some consulting for another organization on an active translation and Church planting ministry in the village of Derre when they had to return to Nampula for various reasons. When they got back to Nampula the vehicle began to have issues and we wondered if it might be the clutch. We opened the clutch fluid reservoir to make sure it was full, and it had a layer of thick tar like gunk in it. I assume what happened is that the breather hole was allowing dirt in with the air and over time it had created a real mess. After cleaning out the gunk we could see and an attempt to bleed the clutch we realized that there must be blockage in the system as well. Time to phone a friend. The “N” in Samson is for NETWORKING and there is a reason for that. We don’t have all the answers, but if you have a big enough network someone will.

This time I called Brad, a mechanic with over 40 years experience and well versed in the issuesJar Adaptor created by driving in Mozambique. He described a tool they used in the States that hooked up to a vacuum pump and cleaned out the lines by forcing fluid through the system. I have a vacuum pump, but not an adaptor to safely suck oil, so as we talked late last evening I decided to try to make one out of a mayonnaise jar.  The lid was too thin to tap the threads we needed for the attachments, so I found a piece of metal thick enough to tap that I could silicone inside the lid. This is what the finished product looked like. We were able to connect it to the slave cylinder under the vehicle and suck the bad liquid out of the line. This wasn’t quite enough to clear it all out so we called in Aidan, my oldest son, to lay inside the car and work the clutch while we flushed the system.

It worked and they immediately restarted the trip they had begun yesterday.  Pray that the rest of the trip is uneventful for them and that they are able to help this team check the Lolo scriptures they are working on. The team is translating the book of Luke in hopes that we can record the Jesus Film in Lolo in March. That will be the first recording project for us as SAMSON.  Thank you for your continued prayers.

Lid of Vacuum adaptor.      Lid of Vacuum adaptor.      Finished      connecting